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A common problem faced by people, who either do a lot of picnics outdoors or who welcome guests over frequent house visits, is their seating alternatives. Everyone, including you, would like to have a cozy and comfortable seating arrangement to enjoy the proceedings. You obviously cannot relax on the grass or in the sand while you out for a weekend. Or in case you have a few extra guests, you cannot make them sit on the floor or ask them to leave due to seating inconvenience. Those heavy and importable chairs are too old-fashioned and inconvenient. A new and fascinating way to end your ordeal is to use air sofas. You can get Inflatable Lounger at a small price and they will be exactly what you need. To get more info about the best inflatable lounger, check out this site!

Why use Air-Sofas?

  1. Air sofas are luxury alternatives to those unstylish seating arrangements.
  2. They are a range of easy-to-carry and comfortable-to-use lightweight products.
  3. Air Sack Chairs will not only solve your seating troubles but will also command praise from your peers.
  4. Air bag chairs are ultra stylish, exemplary and a must have convenience commodity.
  5. Here you can check out the best air sofa: The original LayBag




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What are Air Sofas?

Air sofas are an innovative set of products that have changed the way people relax during their outdoor and indoor recreational activities. They are an inflatable range of air sofas that can be easily carried and used in a hassle free way.  Moreover, you don’t even need an external air pump to fill the air inside them. They are inflated by swinging them in the air for a couple of times. They also have external dedicated clasps to lock the air that will sustain the pressure inside the sofas.

You can sit, lie or sleep on the air sofa. It’s made up of a special and durable nylon ripstop fabric which is generally used in manufacturing parachutes. You can carry the deflated air sofa inside your suitcase or like a backpack and use it any place of your choice. Let’s discuss the types of air sofas in detail.

The Top 3 Air Sofas


The inflatable lounger from LayBag is your original air couch facility. These are lightweight bean bag-like structures that can be easily carried and used without any qualms. They can be folded while carrying and inflated within seconds using the natural air. Although it may take a while for you to learn the procedure, but it is very simple and can bgreen Air couche practiced easily. All you need to do is swing it twice to consummate the air and then wrap it up to disallow the air to escape from the LayBag.

LayBag focuses on durability and environmental sustainability. Its
high quality built ensures that it doesn’t get torn or rugged while being used. It is difficult to get flawed or scratched because of the use of a special type of nylon in its production.  LayBag provides a 10-year warranty on its products which shows the confidence the makers have on their air inflated couch.

LayBag’s dimensions are just about perfect for a person of any height to sit or sleep on it. It is approximately 2m long and weighs only about 1.2kg. This makes it convenient to carry with you to different places with great ease. It can handle weights of up to 200kgs which means more than 1 person can use it at the same time. Although it can be used to seat 5 people at the same instance but it is recommended to allow only 2-3 depending upon the weight.

The inflatable lounger from LayBag comes in two varieties – LayBag classic and LayBag Rocca. Both are similar in appearance and use, with only minimal differences between them. The main variance between the siblings is that the latter comes in a personal carrying bag. The bag itself can be used to save keys, mobiles and more. LayBag comes in wide variety of colors and patterns which it makes it more lively and stylish.

Read the extensive test here: LayBag review

2.ChillaX Air Mattress  

ChillaX air mattress is an inflatable lounge sack, perfect for indoor and outdoor relaxation. You can use the air bag chair as your inflatable lounger for campaigning or as a folding air bed while traveling. It is a lightweight, durable, odorless and easy-to-clean product. This multilayered product can be used on any kind of surface including grass, sand, rocky terrain and water. Another intriguing feature is that it consists of a headrest as well which allows the user to sleep in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Air-Sofa Rank2ChillaX’s perfect bundle includes an inflatable air couch along with a carry bag and a beer opener. But what makes this air sack chair even more enticing is that it comes with 3 different pockets for use. You can use these pockets to store different kind of things. Like, use one for storing your water bottle/beer, one for your mobile phone and the last one for a book. This utility option makes it an irresistible option for being carried during outdoor holidays.

The air couch is thick and water-repellent. It is made of the ripstop nylon that adds high levels of durability to the product. You can inflate the mattress without needing the help of an air pump. Its dimensions read 79(L)*35(H)*20(W) when fully inflated. But it can be adjusted by varying the amount of air being filled into the inflatable lounger. This makes it convenient and easy to use.

Inflating the air mattress requires some attention, though. It has 2 twin air compartments that need to be filled separately. Stay low at the beginning and fill the compartment in a straight line. Close it as soon the product scoops in the required amount of air. Repeat the process with the second compartment as well. When filled completely, the air couch can handle as much as 400lbs. This means it can be used by more than one person at the same time.

3. Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag

Chillbo Baggins is yet another lightweight, portable and durable air sofa. The air sack chair is a super comfortable inflatable lounge that can be used in a number of ways. You can sit on it with multiple friends or sleep over it all alone. You can enjoy this amazing product, both outdoors and indoors, without any qualms. It is a perfect substitute for folding chairs, bean bags, hammocks or pool floaters.Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag

Just like any other aero bed, it is easy to use and inflates within minutes. No need of blowing air into the bag or using a pump. Just unfold it and swing it. Let the natural air flow in and then buckle it up using the clasps. Are you worried about the windy weather? Don’t be. The lounge comes with an elastic loop that can be used as an anchor to help you hold it on the ground.

What’s more? The air bag chair is accompanied with large pockets which give you enough space to hold a number of things. This can be of great utility to hold your sunglasses, mobiles or any other thing. You can use this air sofa on the sand or choose to float it on the water. Its high-quality nylon ripstop fabric can withstand any kind of pressure and force. Its built is that it can avoid wear-tear even on the roughest of surfaces.

The chillbo bag can inflate to as long as 7 feet with a height and width of 3 feet and 2 feet respectively. It can hold over 400 lbs weight and comes in 3 eye-catching dual tone color combinations. You can easily impress your friends and make a mark for yourself with this attractive and user-friendly air sofa.  Just go out and enjoy yourselves using this exquisite inflatable couch sofa.

Usage of inflatable Air Couch

You can probably use the air sofa at any given place as per your convenience. It can be your replacement to the sofa in your house or be your air couch for outdoor campaigning; it can be your sleeping bag or a couch for your friends to sit and enjoy; or it can be your personal inflatable lounger bed that would make you sit sleep and rest and let you be at peace while you enjoy your leisure time.

 Advantages of an inflatable lounger

Air sofas have a lot of advantages over the traditional products that you might be using for a long time now.

  1. It is an ultra lightweight and super comfortable product that lets you relax in a soothing manner.
  2. When you are not using it, you can fold it and keep it inside a bag. This saves you space indoors and makes it easy to carry outdoors.
  3. The products are built using high-quality nylon fabrics which make it durable and scratch resistant.
  4. You can use it on any kind of surface including grass, sand, terrain, land or water.
  5. Multiple people can sit and sleep as the products can withstand weights of up to 400lbs.
  6. Carry bags and side pockets are advantageous to you as it allows you to keep multiple items inside your inflatable couch sofa.
  7.  Air Couches can be inflated easily with the help of natural air without needing any kind of blowing or use of an external pump.
  8. There are loops available to hold them down during windy climate.
  9. They are available in wide range of colors and style. Choose the inflatable lounger that best suits you.


Air sofas, inflatable loungers, or Air couches are definitely your product if you are looking for a stylish replacement to those nagging folding chairs and hammock. If you go out often at the weekends or love spending some relaxation time at your home with friends or in private, then this is your go-to product.  So don’t just be wowed by their highlighted features, use them and experience it on your own.