Lamzac – test & experience

What is the air deck by Lamzac?

The Lamzac is a brand new product from the Netherlands. He is a comfortable air bed for up to two persons, which with air filled within seconds and is ready for use. And the whole thing without equipment! No annoying blow up, no annoying carrying of a pump! After relaxing on the Lamzac he is tucked away in a matter of seconds, again in the built-in Pocket. It is the perfect companion wherever you go!

Assembly and disassembly of the Lamzacs
Similar to easy like in the alternative, the LayBag. You pull the bag only open through the air with one hand, then close the one and opens the others. A to repeat twice, and then enough air inside is, so that you can close it. Now just wrap the 2 ends and as far as roll the bag, creating a good compression of the air in it. Finally bring the two ends together in the middle and close the click closure. Then you did it already! Important note: not the case with the body touch as her out otherwise pushes the air time and time again! Through the air drag just evenly and especially horizontally before you.
To reduce simply open the buckle that air to escape and roll it up from the other end. That’s less than 20 seconds!

Transport of Lamzacs

After the quick removal of Lamzac also without trouble in the transport bag is connected. This is supplied free and is so to speak the packaging. It comes in the same color as the air bed. The bag works like a backpack and can throw themselves across the back. Through this bag, no limit is set the mobility of the Lamzacs. Take it wherever you go, whether in the uni to spend your lunch break in the Park, or to the hike to have a siesta in the wilderness. Also, the small bag into a bigger bag or a larger backpack can be stored. Ideal for travel!

Material of Lamzacs

The Lamzac is made of high quality nylon Ripstop material and has been in our tests as robust as the LayBag. Multiple out and wrapped at different places have left no traces. The Lamzac is suitable for up to 3 persons and a super companion for all outdoor activities.
The Lamzac on different floor coverings can be used through the robust material. Lawn and sand make nothing of the couch. Small branches are no danger. Even concrete floor, or even rocky ground are not dangerous for the envelope, under normal use. You should only watch that picking an extremely sharp stone in the surface. Also on the water, the Lamzac makes a good figure. Although actually that’s not designed, he swims 1A on the basis of the volume of air inside of course. So, he can be included also in the lake or in the swimming pool.

Size and weight
With 200 to 90 centimeters, it is smaller than its competitor of the LayBag. Packed the two take nothing but. Also the weight and mobility no difference should be noted. The Lamzac is stored in the own carrying case or simply thrown in the Backpack: he not heavier than a bottle of water with just over one kilogram and is easy to transport for young and old. He is packaged together as low of the proportions, that he can sometimes disappear without any problems in a larger bag or a small backpack.
Where can I use the Lamzac?
You can build the Lamzac everywhere and always. Thanks to the small size you can have him always. We want to give you some food for thought so that you just see what all is possible!
1. the classic: Take in in the Park during your lunch break! Whether it’s summer heat, beautiful autumn day, or snow and Sun. Whenever not rain weather is a stay outdoors during learning or working balm for your soul! The distribution of your body of serotonin and increasing vitamin D level give friends new energy for the work day. Definitely healthier and cooler than sitting inside!
2 the rest: for sightseeing! Who ever made a city break, who knows what we’re talking about. Mooch for hours through cities, churches look at and consider masterpieces in museums… But hey, speaking of museums: why not the Lamzac just before a cool image build and leave before relaxing and you interact with the painting. Sure, you can also in the stand, but your legs thank you 😉
3 at the après-ski: the Lamzac is a lot, but not a pure summer product. Is the ski hut full again on the terrace? Are the deck chairs as always full? You have to throw you buck but still 20 minutes in the Sun? The Lamzac builds up, you throw on it, and enjoys the warmth! And we say one thing to you: après ski you fall on determined thereby. It never remains alone with the Lamzac!
4 in the apartment: Often you have visit but not enough comfortable seating. When the guests have taken place for the first time, they are not more so quickly stand up! Look also to the TV or netflixen is the Lamzac. With a partner or alone, just pure kicked and more convenient than a sofa! And then again stored away when you’re done, and you have the room also available!
5 festivals: With you at the tent, as well as on the concert if you times einne break from the need to jump around. Through the small backpack he is anywhere to carry around without that he sucks. Again. You build up the Lamzac at the Festival, you not long unnoticed. He is just still so unknown and at the same time as innovative and new, that he simply raises everyone’s interest.
6 there are still so many ways. Simply everywhere to take your Lamzac and reported by your craziest locations that you have set up the Lamzac. Reports of the funniest moments and the coolest people that you have met through the beanbag. There are no limits to your fantasy. Why not take a cruise and set up on deck? Or in the hotel during the holidays? Concerns book early to 7.30 is not your thing? Our also not! Get comfortable after breakfast at the pool and builds your own air bed with pleasure in the middle. And as a highlight you let you drive even in the pool… The eyes will fall out the other guests.
Lamzac test 2016 – conclusion
Our team of has fully checked out the Lamzac and tested. On the water, and even on different surfaces to land he makes a super figure. Various color combinations to meet everyone’s taste. The air bag is fun, he is super handy with the integrated case and unpacked just insanely comfortable! On and removal are done quickly and not annoying with time. Thumbs up grab the Lamzac from our site, as long as it is still available!
The Lamzac is definitely the best alternative to the LayBag.