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Have you ever sought for a product that gives you an option to rest and enjoy your stay at any given place – be it at the beach, in the balcony or at a picnic spot? What if it was light-weight and easy to carry as well? No folks, I’m not deceiving you with any false product and promises. I’m talking about LayBag, a one-stop solution for all your outdoor and indoor relaxation needs.

What is the LayBag?

  • The LayBag is an innovative product that allows you to relax at any place at your own convenience. It is like your personal portable sofa which can be carried and used anywhere in a hassle-free manner.
  • All you need is to un-wrap the Lay Bag and let itself inflate with the natural air. You can then place it on the ground and sit, lie or sleep.
  • Use it at the beach or in the pool, take it along with you outdoors or use it to relax in the balcony or even indoors, LayBag can be used anywhere and everywhere.

LayBag in blue


Product Description of Lay Bag

The Lay Bag review: LayBag is a transportable bed bag just like your backpack and travel bag. You can think of it as a bean bag but it is much easier and convenient to use than that. It weighs only around 1.2kg and hence can be easily carried to different places. You can choose to carry it separately or fit it inside your travel bag; its foldable nature makes it easy to carry with no qualms.

It has a dimension of 7*14 inches when folded and it changes to 83*39 inches when the Lay Bag is fully pressurized with air. It means it has just about the right height and width to make anyone sit and sleep over it. Although a maximum of 5 people can sit over the Air Couch, it is recommended to allow only 2-3 people to use it at the same time. In other words, LayBag can handle a maximum weight of around 150-200kgs. Laybag reviews give sometimes a higher maximum weight, but 2-3 persons should be the maximum at the same time.

Material Used for Lay Sack

The exterior of the Lay Bag inflatable (or sometimes called Lay Sack) is made of a special strong, robust and high-quality nylon ripstop fabric. The material is produced exclusively for being used in the making of LayBags. It has been designed in such a way that it can resist any kind of external influences and focus mainly on durability and environmental sustainability.

It was able to pass a vast number of quality tests while being subjected to a varied degree of pressure and weight. No major flaw or scratches were observed during the observation. It can thus be concluded that Lay Bag has been built of a superior quality fabric and can be entrusted to withstand for a long duration of time.

How to inflate a LayBag?

It is really easy. Just follow the following steps and you will need less than 30 seconds to inflate your lsy bag.


how to inflate a Laybag

LayBag Bagpack

Transportation of LayBags

LayBag is your foldable sofa chair that weighs only around 1.2kg. This makes it an ultra lightweight travel companion, one which you can carry along with you to any destination. It will easily fit inside a small bag like your purse or a travel bag and will consume only a small area in it. You can carry it to the pool, guest house, mountains, hotels, beaches or any other place of your choice. It will provide you a great way to relax yourself no matter where you go.

Installation of the LayBags

Filling and using the LayBag is easy. You do not need any kind of external help or air pump for use. All you need to do is swing it twice through the air and it will automatically fill itself. It will hardly take a few seconds and no real energy from your side in filling up this sofa chair. Once you are done swinging, close the open end by connecting the clasps. The compression of air will enable the LayBag to convert itself into an ultra-comfortable sofa chair.

Deflation of Lay-Bag

The deflation process is even more easy and simple. All you need to do is open the closed end and let the air escape from the Lay Bag chair. Make sure you allow it to completely flatten itself so that no air is left inside it. Then quickly roll it and fold it. You can then simply keep it inside your travel bag or hang it over your arms or vehicle. The Lay Bag review: Quality product when it comes to inflation and deflation.

 Varieties of the Air-Sofa

There are two versions for Lay Bags. One is the original Classic while other is the LayBag infaltable Rocca. Both are almost similar yet different. Their main difference between them is their color code, packaging, and mode of use.

  • LayBag reviews Classic

Lay-Bag classic is your ultra lightweight, easily inflatable and extremely comfortable sofa chair. It can be inflated within seconds and used anywhere to sit or sleep as per your convenience. As already mentioned there is no need of any kind of pump for filling air in the LayBag. After using it, you can quickly deflate it, keep it inside your bag and be on a move. Its usage is simple and straightforward. You can use it on the beach, on the road, in the pool or at any other place of your choice.

The original classic comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose the colored ones which are available in black, orange, white and more. Or alternatively, you can opt for the patterned ones like the Ziczac or the Lay-Bag vanity.

  • LayBag reviews Rocca

The Rocca is pretty much similar to the Classic version of the series. It can be inflated and deflated just like its sibling and be used at any place of your choice- indoor or outdoor. The most important addition to the Rocca series of is that they come in their own carrying bag. The bag is much like a purse which can even accommodate your smartphone, keys, and many other petty things.

Another unique thing to Rocca is that the carrying bag can convert itself into a pillow. This will give you extra comfort and relaxation. Even in terms of appearance, it comes in two-tone designs and in four different color combinations. Lay Bag Rocca is just as versatile as its counterpart and can be used in any kind of surface, be it smooth or tough.

 Accessories for the Inflatable Bag

We have already discussed the built and quality of this superior range of Lay Bags products. It not only gives you comfort but also lets you enjoy your surroundings in an eco-friendly manner. With the kind of colors and varieties it has, a customer can hardly ask for more. But then that doesn’t stop the brand from adding more valuables to its unique series of products.

While writing the LayBag review, we discovered they sell a light kit that enables your sofa chair to glow in dim lights. It basically consists of LED light rods that can be as easily carried as the LavBag and used in a convenient manner as well. The LED is attached to your sofa using a clip that holds the light inside the sofa chair.

There are 2 variations-you can either keep your bag evenly lit or put it on the Stroposkop mode. This illumination kit allows you to create a cool effect, especially at nights, and also help you distinguish your air-couch from others. The LED is a 2.5 watts light rod that contains a lithium battery with high power capacity. It comes with a USB power cable and weighs around 130 grams.

Advantages of a Inflatable Bag

This air sofa has the potential to be your best travel companion. It has been specifically built to help you relax at different places, especially outdoors. It will easily cater to a wide audience because of its following strengths-

  1. It is a lightweight product which makes it easy to carry no matter where you go.
  2. It has been built using a tough high-quality fabric and is difficult to get flawed or scratched.
  3. Its toughness allows it to be used at any kind of surface, be it smooth or rough. You can use it inside the pool or over the mountains, the choice is yours.
  4. It can be easily inflated and deflated within seconds and without needing any kind of external help.
  5. You can sit or sleep over it and relax in almost any kind of environment.
  6. It can handle up to 200kg at once which makes it convenient to be used by multiple users at the same time.
  7. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns which gives you the liberty to choose your own unique Lay Bag inflatable.
  8. It is comfortable to use and its ability to fold can make it fit into any side corner of your travel bag.

 Lay Bag review

They can be used at any place, at any time and in any way(we read a lot of Laybag reviews that told us about crazy places). You don’t need a reason to use the inflatable sofa, just inflate it and use it. You cannot get a better travel companion for you which is not only easy to carry but is even more easy to use. Here’s a list of places where you can use this amazing product that we gathered from a different lay bag reviews.

  • The Pool

Imagine yourself relaxing at the pool on your comfortable sofa chair. Bask in the sunlight on your warm body and sip the cool drink held in your hand. Isn’t it a great way to chill and enjoy your off-day? All this is possible thanks to LayBag’s unique range of products.

  • In the Park

Have you arranged for a meetup/ picnic with your family or friends in the park? Looking for a more convenient and comfortable option for seating? The innovative inflatable bag is to your rescue once again. Inflate it within seconds and carry it easily around the whole park. You can even take a small nap after having eaten to a full stomach.

  • Beach

If you are looking to avoid the sands and stones at the beach, then carry your Lsy Bags along with you. You can not only sit and relax under the sun but also use it to drift on the water. Lay Bags add a bit to your adventure and also aids you in smooth and soothing relaxation.

  • At the airport

Do you need to spend few hours in the airport due to a stopover or delay in connecting flights? How do you plan to rest in those waiting hours? Obviously, no one likes to sleep on the floor or on the chair. Here again, you can use this sofa chair to get some rest between your flights. Take it out of your hand luggage, inflate it using the air and lie over it. It’s simple, easy and convenient.

  • In the balcony

Not only outdoors but you can choose to use this self inflating sofa inside your homes as well. Use it in the balcony or as an additional seating option for guests. Imagine yourself watching the setting sun on a colorful Sunday evening while sipping your black coffee. Sounds fun, isn’t?

  • Outdoors

If you frequently go out for hiking and climbing, then do carry your innovative sofa with you. It will be of great help as it will allow you to rest on a comfortable deck on those rocky terrains. You don’t need any specialized equipment to use a LavBag and that’s what makes it so comfortable to use.

  • Anywhere, Everywhere

LayBags can be used anywhere and everywhere. You can use it inside the house or in the park, on the sands or inside the water, at the airport or on rocky terrains; your personal sofa will allow you to rest on any kind of surface. You can even use it to add some styling to your office or restaurant and attract people around you. The Lay Bag chair is your perfect and ultimate choice.

Where to buy – Lay Bag amazon?

Lay bag at amazon is not the best idea. Buying directly from the founder and manufacture has some advantages. They often have better offers than laybag amazon and have more colors and sizes in stock. Furthermore, the german based company has a good customer service and is available through email. We recommend to not buy the lay bag on amazon but from the original creators of the product at


The Laybag reviews are positive! This self-inflating sofa is strong, flexible, convenient and comfortable. It is easy to use, light to carry and tough to be mishandled. I don’t see a reason as to why anyone would not consider buying such a unique and intriguing product. It’s not only a luxury product but also adds a tinge of panache to your style statement. So go out and buy one Lay Bag for yourself. Don’t wait!  

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