LayBag accessories

You have purchased a wonderful LayBag you, enjoys it, relaxed on him, and he has become your constant companion. And now want it it still a small little “Pimp”? We introduce you not only the best accessories on the market, we have also very carefully for you looked at it and tested! First, we take a look at the LayBag light Kit.


The LayBag light Kit!

With this little light bar, you can aufpimpen your LayBag and drop him off from others! This product is a strong and mobile transportable light from LEDs that you centered just can attach to your Laybag thanks to a clip. With this light Kit you can make your deck to a lit lounge, distinguish them from others and created a cool effect at night. You have 2 options: either you can shine your bag uniformly (for nice nights) or put it on the Stroposkop mode and the party goes down! In the video below you can see good effect the Stropo.

The LayBags shine in their respective color. That is to say a green LayBag lights in fixed green light, a blue in blue, etc…





In our tests, we came to the judgment that especially the colourful LayBags look particularly cool in the night. Blue, green, pink, and yellow could convince us to 100 percent. What we have particularly sophisticated and stylish: the white bag with the light knit together. The wise beams and the way light is simply incredibly beautiful! Caution: The light will not work with the black LayBag!

A few specifications: The light is lit with 2.5 Watts and contains a lithium battery with high power. It comes with a USB power cable and a clip to attach to the Laybag. Of the weight’s not striking with 130 grams.


  • You must pick up the light Kit? Not necessarily in our eyes.

Is • it cool? In any case!

  • It looks nice? It looks really gigantic.

We couldn’t find anything negative to light. Every man for himself must assess whether you need it. Now restaurateurs who use LayBags as eye-catcher, should order this tool. Even if your bag most of use in the evening or at night, the set is a good idea.

A tip: when you’re in places where no other light source is (E.g. camping) the light is of course also a good help to find the LayBag always!


In the video, you can see how the effect with flashing lights. If you have for example 3 different, colorful bags at a party, and all three light on Stroposkop is, is an insanely cool color game, which is like a club atmosphere or a pop concert. At festivals, which of course is a cool gadget: to the tent a uniform glow on the concert of a party light. And if the light should be even empty, you can recharge cable quickly and easily’s mobile batteries thanks to the free included with USB!

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