Laybag – which is the perfect color for me?


After we increasingly question “what colour would you my LayBag?? ‘ have had, we have decided to devote a whole page of this issue. This guide will also help to find the right color for the LayBag gift.

The air beds are there in many different colors, which can be ordered according to your taste. Colors have always a deeper meaning and allow an insight into the people and his feelings. In the following, we have carried out an analysis of different colors of LayBags and interviewed various subjects to your impression.


Blue LayBag

The blue is a classic here. Not too simple, not too colorful! Blue stands for harmony, contentment, peace, and infinity. Blue is for all who feel connected to the water suitable. On this LayBag chill and relax it on the Lake, pool or sea.

Our testers felt the blue LayBag as neutral and calm. He brings a certain peace with himself and is therefore suitable for people who want to relax the LayBag to the pure. In addition, the color of both men and women as suitable is classified.

Our Tip: Relaxed you on your LayBag? Are you between 16 and 35 years young? You want a somewhat restrained color rather then ordered the blue LayBag!


Pinker LayBag

The pink LayBag is a real Eyecacher. Colorful, crazy, crazy in a good way! Hereby you are the eye-catcher. Pink stands for strength of character. Dominant, confident and also quite stylish. Pink stands for people, the is nothing and no one fool let. This deck is risky, and you want to set accents. At every party, they are the heart and in the swimming pool they are can’t save himself from eyes.

Our testers felt the LayBag pink as a crazy colored point, which abuts and accents. He brings trouble with it and is therefore suitable for people who like to share with others the LayBag. Because one thing is guaranteed: you stay long so not alone. The color is of course rather than feminine.

Our Tip: Party and a good time with friends? You want to stand out? Did you stay younger or just crazy? Then there is only one option, the pink LayBag!


Green LayBag

The Green LayBag is an in-between between blue and pink. Colorful, but not crazy. An eye-catcher, but not a troublemaker. Green stands for hope, health, balance and honesty. Green is also an element of security, it controls hope and illusion. This air bed is just beautiful. You can get a colorful touch, placing accents, but it does not fall out of line. In the swimming pool or Park rather calm and relaxed, adapting the nature at parties and festivals of the Center.

Our testers felt the Green LayBag as a pleasant and quiet place, where you can find to rest. To the flirt this LayBag is well suited, because he owned style and good taste certifies. Green is considered suitable for men and women. Old technically, this lounge bag is an all-rounder. By young up to the older vintages, an evergreen.

Our Tip: You want both? Be the focal point of the party or of the Festival, and then the next day your calm to the rest have? Then order the Green LayBag!


Black LayBag

The business LayBag! Black, serious, cool. Resting between the dates again? Here you go, here is your LayBag! Black stands for reliability, but also for the mysterious and elegant. It is the color derMenschen, who are not afraid, the elect who put everything on one card.

Our test subjects felt the black LayBag as cool, serious, and also sexy. Black dominated the light and the LayBag makes cool bars or on terraces. The black Laybag provides another great advantage above all for festival goers. You can see mud and dirt on dark surface rather…

Tip: You’re the business man or woman? Or you’re just a cool sock? Then order the LayBag in black!

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