Which flirt factor has the LayBag?


Serve the LayBags to the flirt? Fall on I more so? We have asked now many times these questions get! The question we had to investigate and test out the potential of flirting:

We have sent our people Jan and Daria with various LayBags to see what can cause the LayBags at the flirt. In the following interview the 2nd report briefly about their experiences.

Seat sack consulting: Daria, Jan, thank you very much, that you did this experiment. Briefly introduces you to our readers and loses 2-3 words to your experiences.

Jan: I’m 25, student and regularly playing football with friends in the outdoor swimming pool. I thought it is and therefore there took the LayBag. My buddies are all home to soccer. I’ve be closed I stay a little longer and try my luck. So LayBag built and me thrown out. No joke, talked I already after 10 minutes with 3 girls.

Seat sack advice: Was that it fast, as came to?

Jan: I must tell you, I’m actually a bit shy. But with the LayBag, you simply fall on. This is something new, not everyone knows it, it’s cool and an easier entry into the conversation.

Seat sack consulting: did you experience Daria?

Daria: For me, the starting point is a bit a different course, I already am 42, I have 2 children. I’m single now for several years and I thought, you just try it. Out of the Office, out, off to the City Beach, and there built the LayBag. I’ve had similar experiences as Jan After a few minutes I raised by a group of men, what is that for a strange air mattress? (“Laughing”) Came a few minutes later two girlfriends, and we have set ourselves all around and on the air bed. Whether now was a catalyst for flirt I can say so. But we have made a new friend, that counts too!

Seat sack advice: Of course! Jan, else so where were you?

Jan: I’ve had the last few days actually constantly doing the LayBag. Public viewing was a highlight: everyone wanted on the bean bag! Everyone wanted to try it out. That was the only time I got annoyed.

Seat sack advice: Why? It’s a but after much fun and new friends.

Jan: That was the problem! Too many girls and boys wanted to know something about the LayBag. I missed 2 goals… (“Laughing”)

Seat sack advice: You have to set priorities… Daria, what color would you recommend for your impressions?

Daria: I personally think that for women the colors purple and pink great look. Maybe for my generation rather the darker purple tone for the younger girls, and then a nice pink.

Jan: There, I must speak in between. Pink is the color for all the girls in my opinion! I’ve seen a girl in the City Park randomly during the test week with pink LayBag. Took all my courage together and they addressed: next week we go for a drink. So: Does pink!

Daria: My assessment was so ever right there. I would recommend green men. I think the color is just what!


Thank you Schonmal to you two! Super that you did with this fun.

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