Guide to inflating of the LayBags

You have to fill the LayBag problems? You think it is much heavier than in the promotional videos? You think it may not be so easy? WRONG! It’s really a matter of 10 seconds.

I admit that our team has to itself a few times practice until we out had the hang of it. But it is really simple. And unfortunately it takes much of the fun and mobility when you don’t know how it works… And because we have reviewed E-mails and get feedback on this issue, we have put together a little guide, so to speak, an instruction manual, which should help you.

The following video from LayBag shows you how it is, or should be. You see, the good-looking young man turns neither the body, yet he touched with his body the cover! He makes also no hectic movements or crazy runs with the Laybag through the area. Take it easy, only an air Chamber, then the other side. Without panic, fuss or other. Natural, flowing movements.


You want to get and even as cool and stylish and you don’t do to a laughing before your friends? Then simply follow our step by step guide. So it’s working, I promise!

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Step-by-step instructions


  1. stand the LayBag at the end, where the opening is with both hands firmly and roll him completely in front of you. The LayBag should be just in front of you. Make sure that it is not twisted!


  1. the LayBag has two chambers, an upper and a lower, which must be filled (in the Middle, in between, is not a Chamber). Open a Chamber first as far as possible, while adding that others to keep closed. Best start with the lower Chamber. The tests have shown that this is a bit easier for most people!


  1. now you must apply horizontally time before you through the air the LayBag in one swift motion 2-3, as if you want to catch something. Close the Chamber immediately after the end of this movement. Avoiding turn you so not again, press out the air through physical contact. So do not knock on the LayBag and carry out a uniform horizontal movement.
  1. now you need to open the second Chamber. But make sure you completely closed the first already filled page.
  1. Repeat step number 3 now just with the second Chamber, the LayBag komplettt and is tightly filled.


  1. Once you have enough air in the LayBag inside, you can roll up the end as tight.
  1. now simply by clicking Close the shutter and:
  1. voilá, you did it! Throw you on your LayBag and relax!

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