Laybag or Lamzac?

The air deck is right for me?

This question is generally not to answer. According to our tests and surveys of users, we observed high little difference. Both air beds have a high level of quality in the processing, both are extremely comfortable and welcoming, and there are both in different colors.

Both weigh about 1.2 kilos, and are thus easy to transport and can be stowed in a bag or a backpack.

The Laybag is packaged 17 to 37 centimeters tall. the Lamzac comes to similar dimensions.

Built on the two differ a little concern: so the LayBag with 210 is 100 cm larger than its counterpart of the Lamzac which is 200 to 90 centimeters. This point should be interesting just for tall people. However, no appreciable difference can be determine up to a height of 1 metre and 90.

The load-bearing weight is located at the Laybag up to 3 persons. The manufacturer specifies maximum weight 200 kg. Splitting these 200 kilos to three people, you get almost 68 kilos on average. Three little more persons should therefore not necessarily at the same time place take. The Lamzac, however, is also due to its smaller size only for 1 or 2 persons.

The LayBag is a product of German developers, that was just recently ready for the market. The Lamzac was already presented by Dutch in 2010 and now bought by the beanbag Fatboy giant. The Laybag is based on the same principle, but as a technical development. In both cases using move brought the envelope of air into the Interior. A compression, which gives rise to the lying surface arises on the basis of rolling up the sacks.

Due to the fact that the LayBag is a German product, the service and the contact has been better assessed in our tests. Both got good judgment. However a contact in German language has gone at the LayBag of course slightly easier.

Both air bags were convincing in our tests. On all surfaces, meadow, concrete, sand, Earth, and even on rocky terrain, they were stable and a smooth comfortable reclining could always be achieved. Also in the water, both made a good figure and our testers were used as air mattress. Whether on the lake or in the swimming pool. Also salt water in the ocean hasn’t hurt the surface. Also here is that of LayBag due to the larger area can carry more weight.

Bottom line: You’re over two meters tall? Then we recommend the LayBag! Applies to all others, that no clear recommendation for one of the 2 products can be given. The LayBag convinced especially in groups, because several people on it. The Lamzac is a bit, requiring very little space and can be used also on smallest space.

What product is it: missed not the trend of the year!

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