LayBag – new energy through power NAP

Are you tired often in the afternoon? You are sitting in the Office all day on your uncomfortable Chair? A short nap on the LayBag can be your secret weapon for more energy and get rid of your performance low in the afternoon!

There are some rules to follow, because who incorrectly takes a break, which is just weak! We have summarized here are a few tips and tricks to your power NAP and also to the General increase in productivity in everyday work:

How long should the power NAP last?

Experts advise also shortly leave the short afternoon sleep. 10 up to 30 minutes maximum are ideal. During this period, the body is located in a light sleeper. Into a deep sleep, who rests longer passes from the it heavier wakes up and longer to become fully function employed. The so-called sleep drunkenness then adjusts itself and prevents us from most skim our full potential. In a large Australian study, these results have been verified scientifically. The subjects felt after a 10 minute NAP at ausgeruhtesten and the fastest could return to 100 percent performance. The ideal NAP time varies from person to person. Set your alarm but no later than 30 minutes. Subjects who rested longer, needed some very very long to work productively again.

The LayBag is perfect for a short NAP! In the Office or in the Park, on the motorway service area, or in the storage room. He is always thanks to its lightweight portability. And if you have time for a brief energy 10-minute break, then you want to spend 5 thereof with the Assembly and disassembly. For people with a small office in which no sofa fit through, or if it would be simply inappropriate to establish a comfortable sofa, the air bed is the perfect alternative! Conveniently, quickly rebuilt, and quickly disappeared…


Powernap also without sleep?


Of course, a complete night’s sleep cannot replace a power NAP. Not his 100 percent performance of who gets to sleep at night regularly less than 7 hours, will get even with last. A healthy night’s sleep is required for the regenerative processes of the body, as well as for learning processes of the brain, in which new knowledge is anchored. But a short-term energy boost for the next few hours to get the NAP is ideal and is becoming more popular. Global and leading companies have now set up bedrooms with beanbags and LayBags where people just can relax. You won’t fall asleep? No problem that the Powernap also works when they can just relax and calm down. The relaxing effect does not occur in consequence of the sleep process, but on the basis of the resting phase. This signals the body that he can switch two gears down and can recharge its batteries. Also for the health of the power NAP has only positive effects. American and Greek scientists have observed a decrease in risk for heart disease by up to 37 percent in studies! Reduces the risk of diabetes and can be built for mood swings and discontent. Our Tip: You will find 10 minutes to the relax and come down, no matter how stressful is your everyday life! You don’t have 10 minutes? Then take it easy. LayBag through the air swing, put, close your eyes. Here you can learn more about the LayBag test!


More tips to improve productivity


Make a green plant in the Office. Research has shown that this improves the mood.

Getting a bottle or jug water stand ready have. The number of drunk water and performance go hand in hand. Does not provide their bodies with gasoline, you can expect no 230 KM / H from their inner race car!

Ventilate your Office to go out in the Green! Fresh air, a little sunlight, and are a different person again. Put your LayBag in the purse or Briefcase, and “hide” in the Park. Relax a few minutes, and you come back with new ideas and energy!

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