LayBag Rocca – Review & Test

LayBag Rocca is yet another lifestyle product from the makers of the sensational LayBag air sofas. Girl on RoccaAir sofas have been one of the most trending products because of their superior quality and incomparable utility. Using air loungers for outdoor trips or indoor relaxation has become a norm for many. Laybags and other similar products have allowed users to experience calm and stress-free leisure time.

Rocca range of LayBags, only adds more style and value to the current set of inflatable loungers. This ultra lightweight and easy-to-use product is a clever and perfect sibling of the classic range of LayBags. Its appearance and mode of use are pretty much similar to that of the original product. It only has a minimal but creative difference over the existing range of air sofas.

In other terms, it can be said that LayBag Rocca is the urban evolution of the innovational LayBag. A resultant of the German technology, Rocca allows you to be comfortable and cozy. It’s an environmentally-friendly product with a modern design. Just like its sibling, Rocca is also an easy to carry product and can be transported anywhere without any hassles.

LayBag Rocca

Green & Pink

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green Laybag Rocca

LayBag Rocca

Blue & Black

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Rocca in blue from side

LayBag Rocca

Black & Gold

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Laybag Rocca in black

LayBag Rocca

Red & Yellow

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Laybag Rocca in red

Rocca in blue

LayBag Rocca – Product Description

It’s made of durable and robust nylon material which renders it highly resistant to scratches and tears. This makes it usable even at the hardest of surfaces with zero trouble. You can take it with you to the pool party or to the cliffs and submerge yourself in the fun. You will hardly complain of improper relaxation arrangements hereafter.

The most significant addition to the Rocca air sofas is the presence of the attached carry bag. It’s not just a normal bag that would store the deflated LayBag in it but has greater use. The carry bag is more like a purse and can aid you in storing accessories like keys, mobiles and more. An intriguing ability of this bag is that it can turn itself into a pillow when required.

This provides you with additional comfort at no extra cost. Moreover, you can also attach clasps, pouches and other storage utilities using the loops. This way Rocca can be customized personally as per your needs. All these extra functionalities provide an urban edge to the product which makes it even more beneficial than before.

LayBag Rocca – Design

The design of the LayBag Rocca is pretty much similar except for the addition of the carry bag. Inflation and deflation of the product are also easy and can be done without any hassles. No external pump or pressure is required, just swing it and fill it. Also, it can handle multiple people at the same time with ease. This makes Rocca an efficient and easy going replacement to traditional foldable chairs and hammocks.

Rocca comes in two-tone designs with four color combinations. The pillow has a different color from that of the LayBag. Aquarius, Watermelon, Rid Bird and LayBag Club are the four options available to the users. The vibrant color combinations reflect the product’s elegance and panache. You can easily highlight your presence by owning the perfect set of LayBag Rocca and leave a deep and lasting impact on your peers.


LayBag Rocca is smart, urban, aesthetic and dependable. This high-quality air sofa gives you unprecedented control and incomparable utility. Outdoors or Indoors, LayBag doesn’t comprise on quality and comfort. If luxury and ease of transportation are your primary requirements, then Rocca is definitely the product to try for.

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