Application of the LayBag


Often, we’ve already read that the LayBag chic and useful is classified by the public as innovative, but also as a product that is used only in the outdoor swimming pool… To counter these prejudices, we have asked a few users to your “LayBay crime” and asked them to tell us.


Jannik, male, 27 years


I have the LayBag since the beginning of this year in pink. I’m even a pretty nerdy guy when any bullshit here. My big hobby is music. Whether evenings around the campfire with my clique at the guitar play, or weekend festivals, I no longer want to miss the comfy couch of air. At festivals, I’m straight with the pink / pink color always the center point and not very long alone! No matter where I build the Laybag, people always come to me and are enthusiastic about the part. And if it is then time later on as a Festival, I have also same a way to the sleep!


Mary, female, 18 years


I got the LayBag as a gift from my big brother to passing OJ! Full hot, have mega I was pleased because I’ve seen the before all the time on Facebook. My girlfriends and I to hang ever on the us at the Lake. It had of course also on there in Bulgaria: on the beach, we were the absolute Queens thus. Everyone wanted to test it out. And in the water I could relax and me Sun. “Abi2016: bye school-Hi reading”


Michael, male, 60 years


The Laybag is my constant companion in everyday work. Always in my briefcase while. I’m much in the car as the CEO of several companies and partly white long working days. Because I’m yes no longer getting any younger, I need from time to time a few minutes break from the bustle of the business. Right now in the summer, I go take down the, quickly place my private couch in the Green, and close my eyes time 15 minutes. Then, I have new energy.

Just last week, I did a city trip to Helsinki. Should I tell you where I have set up the Laybag anywhere? On the train to St. Petersburg, in the middle of the City Park in Helsinki, and my highlight, on the ferry to Talin! My kids keep me on Trapp, but here and there the Laybag allows me to my rest.


Sarah, female, 27 years


I moved together recently with my friend. I am still studying, and we rented a small apartment in the middle of the city centre. We love it to be but actually both like outside. Our balcony is really very very small. We have had a barbecue and 2 uncomfortable chairs are and were always an outdoor sofa. But the place is simply does not exist. Now recently we have the Laybag in the stylish green. Instead of on the couch watching TV, we are now often comfortably next to each other on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air and togetherness. The thing is just super fast. And quickly stowed at the end of the evening. So, the place can be used again the next day. Or is the Laybag to the Sun again on 😉


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